Banquet Prep

Every year for advancement, our group gets together with our Brownie and Sparks group that meet at the church with us to have a dinner and joint advancement ceremony. Each group makes their own centrepieces to tie in with their year or advancement theme. This year we decided our Guides would make their own campfires.

MATERIALS: clear plastic cups, orange yellow and red tissue paper, liquid glue, tea lights, twigs or moss.
1. Rip tissue paper into squares and mix colours up
2. Using tips of fingers, dip tissue square into glue and stick onto cup. Continue until cup is all covered.
3. Let dry! We leave our banquet crafts at the church so when we come back next week, they are dried and ready!
4. Arrange twigs or moss around fire and light tea light under upside down cup. (FYI we used twig looking moss from the flower section at the dollar store, terrible idea! this stuff was an absolute mess to work with!)

We also made paper bag starbursts to hang around the gym. I found white paper bags in the craft section at the dollar store that worked really well.

MATERIALS: 8 paper bags per starburst, markers, pencils crayons etc, glue stick, string and hole punch to hang.
1.The girls coloured the sides and front and back of the bags (they were small so we used 8 per starburst) and folded the flat bottoms inside.
2. Once all bags are coloured, Glue a “T” onto the first bag. The top of the T is the closed bottom part of the bag, and right down the middle to the bottom. Place another bag over glue the same way. Continue until all bags are glued down.
3. Cut a point at the top, open end of bags (some of our girls chose not to cut theirs, they just come out with flat ends instead of a starburst shape)
4. Glue a another T on the top bag.
5. Put hands into the open points of bag and join the sides together and open the starburst. Press on the glue to seal together.
6. Use a hole punch at one of the points to make a spot to hang up the starburst with some string.

We used these starbursts to decorate our wall of the gym along with blue ribbon and balloons! We had planned for some games to finish of the night but the campfire crafts took a remarkable amount of time!


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