Banquet Prep

Every year for advancement, our group gets together with our Brownie and Sparks group that meet at the church with us to have a dinner and joint advancement ceremony. Each group makes their own centrepieces to tie in with their year or advancement theme. This year we decided our Guides would make their own campfires. MATERIALS: […]

Rock Climbing

For our year end trip this year, we decided to go a bit bigger than usual and push the girls outside their comfort zones. Usually, our year end trips are bowling, Dairy Queen for some ice cream, stuff like that. This year we went to Gravity Climbing Gym in Hamilton. This place is absolutely fantastic! […]

Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day this year, my go co-guider found a great idea on Pinterest (where else??!!) We loved this but knew it took some prep work. We took the girls’ pictures the week before (I would suggest two weeks for the girls who missed the meeting). I printed off the pictures at home in black […]

The Pirate Song

I remember singing this song as a Brownie and/or Guide but it was a little different. My daughter came home from her Brownie group singing it and we both have been singing it all week. I will put the different parts that I remember in brackets with her version and actions in bold. When I […]

Cookie Drive Thru and Earth Day

So this monday we decided we needed to get rid of our excess cookies. We thought it would be a good idea to have some girls makes posters and wave them and flag passing cars into the roundabout of the church to purchase some yummy cookies. This was a great idea in theory…unfortunately the warmest […]

Tic Tac Toe Relay

We found this game floating around as a quick little video on Facebook. Materials – 9 hula hoops, 10 flags/beanbags/cloths of two different colors. I purchased some hula hoops from the dollar store and two packs of facecloths from Giant Tiger (10pk of orange and a 10pk of blue for $4 each! lots left over for […]

Community Service

We have 2 regular meetings and one extra meeting dedicated to our Community Service Badge. Last week we snuck in some extra time and had the girls make flyers for our Food Drive for the Neighbour 2 Neighbour Program here in Hamilton. (I personally love this centre, not only do they provide food help, they […]